Mission Statement

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Asheville Crate Co. adds style, functionality and happiness to your home and business by offering cool wooden crates handmade in the USA.

Every Eastern White Pine crate is made with precision and care, from our family to yours. Our crates come in seven different sizes, four of them are named after the members of our family. Each wooden crate is different and unique, just like us and just like you.

Our cool crates bring a combination of urban, farmhouse style and character to any room, and their functionality knows no limits. Use them as centerpieces, storage solutions, to carry your essentials or as decorative designs on tabletops or mounted on the wall.

You can choose our crates in their natural color or have them stained in one of 8 different colors to compliment any decor.  

We proudly make each of our cool wooden crates for you here in North Carolina in the workshop we call Crateville.

We’re Asheville Crate Co. and we Deliver Happiness.

Big Daddy, Maranda, Sid the Kid and Sweet Trey.

Asheville Crate Co., mission statement