Giving Back

One of the best things about operating a small business is getting to choose a non-profit organization to support.  Sometimes things happen in your life that make the personal choice easy, while other times choosing who to donate to is more challenging because there are so many awesome causes out there.  

We're a very small business so our charitable donations aren't as big as we'd like them to be but over time we hope that will change. The important thing is to give what you can. ​

An organization that is very important to us is Small Steps in Speech

Trey was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech when he was three yrs-old.  Apraxia is basically a disconnect between the brain and the mouth that limits the ability for speech.  Trey knew what he wanted to say but couldn't say it, he felt like his mouth was broken.  Intense therapy followed and it wasn't exactly cheap so we applied for grants and thankfully Small Steps in Speech approved us.  We've always been SO grateful so we're doing our best to pay that grant back 🙂

Small Steps in Speech

Asheville Crate Co. is really excited to be part of the annual Spring fundraiser for WNCW radio, a non-commercial public radio station in Western North Carolina.  We donate crates and gift certificates for listeners to purchase, with ALL of the proceeds going to WNCW - Listener-Powered radio.  

WNCW radio

So far Asheville Crate Co. has made two donations to the Manna FoodBank but that will soon change.  We recently attended a poverty simulation course offered by Manna FoodBank and it opened our eyes to the struggles some members of our community go through every single day.  Thanks to Manna FoodBank for everything they do to help struggling families stay nourished and healthy.   

Manna FoodBank