Where can I buy your crates?

Our crates are available for purchase on this website via the Checkout process and can be found on Amazon. .  

How long will it take to have my crates made and delivered?

It depends on the order amount.  Each crate is made to order.  You order, we build, and then deliver them as soon as possible. We'll keep you updated throughout the entire process, our goal is always to have them delivered within 7 to 10 days.  But the crates fulfilled by Amazon can be shipped within two days if you have Amazon Prime.  

I wanna buy some crates.  How do I pay?

If you're in the extended Asheville area, you don't have to purchase through this website.  Just send us a message using the CONTACT form or message us on Facebook to place your order.  We can hand deliver our crates in the extended Asheville area for only $5. We accept cash in person or online payments via PayPal or with a credit card via Stripe on this site.  Click if you'd like to learn more about Stripe.  

I have a gift certificate.  How do I use it?

As soon as you've decided which crates you'd like to purchase, hit the CONTACT button and we'll discuss your order.  Simple!

Do you ship your crates outside of the extended Asheville area?

Our cool crates are now available to the entire continental USA!  Shipping rates vary between $9.99 and $15.99 depending on which one you buy.  We understand shipping costs add up quickly so we're happy to hand deliver our crates in the extended Asheville area for only $5.00. 

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes.  Please contact us if you'd like to purchase Wholesale Crates

I'm a business owner, can you put my logo on your crates?

Of course!  We wholeheartedly embrace the idea that if you're not branding yourself, you're branding someone else.  That's why we created Company Crates .  We'd love the opportunity to build crates for your business, they're perfect for displays or retail or to have around in your awesome store.  They're very useful!  

Is your site secure?

Asheville Crate Co. is protected by a Comodo SSL Certificate.  Any information you enter into the contact form is safe.  Asheville Crate Co. will NEVER ask you to enter credit card information through the CONTACT US form.  If you purchase crates on this site using your credit card via Stripe, your credit card information never touches our server, that's the beauty of Stripe

Asheville Crate Co.