Wholesale Custom Crates

If you're not branding yourself, you're branding someone else.  

Asheville Crate Co., branding, wooden crates

Asheville Crate Co.™ will engrave or stamp your business logo on the side of any of our crates, perfect for showing off the logo and brand mark you've worked hard to establish and grow.  Use our crates to display merchandise, carry products or to give as corporate gifts to valuable clients and employees.  

The handmade wooden crates at Asheville Crate Co. are so versatile you're guaranteed to find many different uses for each of our crates! They can be stacked to form a display bookshelf, turned upside down to pedestal your products and the Sweet Trey crate is ideal for mounting to the wall to save storage space and display your merchandise at eye level.  

Company Crates

Sample Company Crates created for Mast General Store

​Your logo or brand mark can be engraved or stamped on the sides AND on the inside of the crates for maximum exposure, especially when mounted to the wall.  

Asheville Crate Co. stain colors

Asheville Crate Co. currently makes seven different sized wooden crates so you're sure to find a crate suitable for your business needs.  And all of them come in 8 different stain colors.  

​Each crate is handmade in Western North Carolina in the workshop we call Crateville.  We're very proud to say we're a complete Made in the USA small business!

All of our wooden crates are handmade from Eastern White Pine, the ideal wood for crate building.  

  • fine grain
  • uniform texture
  • holds its shape
  • appearance is warm with plenty of character
  • holds finishes extremely well (stains or paints)
  • naturally decay resistant 
  • Corporate gift idea
Asheville Crate Co., branding, wooden crates

Greenleaf Chopshop, Asheville Crate Company

Brando, Asheville Crate Co., Asheville Crate Company, branding

Congressional Country Club, Asheville Crate Company, Asheville Crate Co.

Asheville Crate Company, Asheville Crate Co., custom engraved crates

Asheville Crate Co., branding, wooden crates

Asheville Crate Company has been a fantastic addition to my business! They provide a local, custom, high-quality product that always turns out beautifully! The value these gifts have brought to my business and the joy they have brought to my clients is immeasurable. The customer service from Josh combined with the amazing product makes Asheville Crate Company one of my absolute favorite companies to partner with! Their diligence and care for both their clients and their community are so very admirable. They are the perfect business partners! My only issue is that I keep wanting to take the product home and enjoy it in my house... absolutely gorgeous crates that you can do so much with! I never want to wrap a gift again, they should all go inside a Cool Crate from Asheville Crate Company!

Molly de Mattos 
The Matt & Molly Team 


What color will my business logo or word mark be?

Your logo or word mark will be engraved or stamped in all black.  We're working on engraving and stamping in color but right now the most cost effective printing technique is all black.  It looks very classy.  

​Do I have to submit any art work?

Yes.  Please submit your company logo to us in all black.  If you don't have your logo in all black we may be able to work our magic and make it all black.  

Our business wants to order lots, do you offer discounts on your crates?

Of course.  Let's discuss your order.  Email us and we'll get back to you by the end of the day.  

Will our business logo be on both sides of the crates?

Every business has different needs.  We offer branding on one side or both sides.  The trifecta is your logo on both sides AND the inside for maximum exposure when mounted on the wall.  

How much does this cost?  Do you offer wholesale pricing for businesses?

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing.  Email us so we can send your business our price list.  

How long will it take to make our crates?

Each crate is handmade so the time frame really depends on how many crates your business orders.  We'll give you a definite time frame when we discuss your order.  It can be anywhere from 7 to 10 days or 4 to 6 weeks.  It all depends.  

Will the Asheville Crate Co. logo be on the crates?

Our logo will be very small on the bottom of the crates, right beside the Handmade in the USA stamp.  

Are you ready to add your company logo to our Cool Crates?  

Asheville Crate Co., wooden crates

*Asheville Crate Co. is not affiliated with Mast General Store