About Our Crates

Asheville Crate Co., wooden crates

Big Daddy, Sweet Trey, Sid the Kid and Maranda

The cool wooden crates at Asheville Crate Co. come in nine different shapes and sizes to ensure you'll find a crate to meet your needs. 

Each crate is handmade in our workshop, a workshop that's also where our kids like to play with the cheese (that's what our kids call sawdust cuz it looks like grated cheese). It's a family affair at Asheville Crate Co., if you haven't guessed it already, the crates are all named after us.  The kids are super excited about that!

The Eastern White Pine lumber is purchased in Asheville, NC - home of Friday night drum circles, Thomas Wolfe, inspiring craft breweries, delicious restaurants, and the coolest people around.  The lumber is measured, cut, sanded, engraved and assembled with precision and care in our family workshop.  

Eastern White Pine has ideal characteristics for crate building:

  • fine grain
  • uniform texture
  • holds its shape
  • appearance is warm with plenty of character
  • holds finishes extremely well (stains or paints)
  • naturally decay resistant

And the coolest thing about our crates is they're all handmade here in the USA.  

Asheville Crate Co. Handmade in the USA

Asheville Crate Co., wooden crates